Dulcimore Dan Cox

The Traditional Appalachian Dulcimore Maker nestled in the heart of 

the Cumberland Gap. Indigenous woods, staple frets and hand rubbed

finishes for that high silvery sound of yesteryear!  I am also an

amateur historian and curator preserving the craft.

Member Real Traditional Dulcimore ©

"I make traditional Appalachian Dulcimore. "

For at least nine year, I've worked on several models. The "Betty" and "ultra-lite" are my two best known, and the "Dulcimore" ($350) but I have many others.

The "Ivyton" is a knock off of the first piece Homer Ledford made back in the late 1940's. I am the proud owner of either number 3 or 4! We don't know which because he didn't number them then, he just signed them. ($350)

The "1917 RT" is a knock off of the piece made by James Edward Thomas for the Ritchie family. It is documented in L. Allen Smiths' Catalogue of Pre-Revival Appalachian Dulcimers. I was caught by the round embellished sound holes! ($350)

The "29" is a large high volume body. Some folks like that sound! It is very similar to the shape of the Betty. ($350)

The "Grand" is a 36 inch VSL baritone. It is based on the work of I.D.Stamper of Letcher County, Kentucky during the revival. Keep in mind I.D. never played contemporary, but with the noter only! He would slack the strings a full note and a half from the standard AEA tuning giving it a very unique flavor all its own. ($650)

The "Fiddle Dulcimore" was inspired by an image posted by the Smithsonian that was taken by Scott Odell in 1965 of a piece owned by A.W. Jeffreys. It took me about 10 months to figure out a way to make this piece with out an exclusive jig. The jigs take about forty hours to make and I couldn't bring myself to invest in it, but one night the idea of a back bone came to me and it works! ($500)

Prices listed include USPS Priority insured state side shipping to your door and yes I also ship over seas!



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